The SECockpit Launch starts on September 25. You can only send out email invites upto 24 hours before the webinar

(October 2 11am PDT and 11am GMT).



SECOCKPIT LAUNCH (starts September 25, 2014)

What is SECockpit?

SECockpit is an online software that will help SEO Professionals, SEM managers, Adwords specialists, Agency owners, freelancers, or anybody who is interested in bringing traffic to their website by allowing them to conduct keyword research and competition analysis in under a minute. What we've done is automate, simplify, and organize keyword research to free up your most valuable resource...your time. 

Doing keyword research with free tools can take you up to 30 minutes per keyword (which we will demonstrated on the webinar). But if you have a website and you're targeting multiple keywords, doing the research alone can take you up to days to finish. SECockpit will do the work for you and give you data in less than a minute. 

Launch Flow

We've created a no-fluff launch flow focused on conversions. We have two landing pages (one pure text and one with video) that communicates exactly what your leads will expect during the webinar. 

This is followed by a very strategic push to boost attendance. We'll engage with the sublist, create content based on their needs, and have ninja tactics to remind them of the webinar date. All of this, we'll handle at SwissMadeMarketing. You just need to bring them to the sign up page, and we'll take care of making sure they attend on the webinar date. 

The webinar happens one week after the first blast where the cart will open for the first time. We've created an irressistible offer only available to the sublist. They can get annual access to SECockpit's Pro Package for $100 off along with exciting bonuses. We've made a very compelling price justification.

We'll give everybody 48 hours to watch the replay.

After this, there is a five-day sales sequence (each day targetting different sales objections) to ensure we generate more revenue. 

Note to remember:

This launch flow is CONVERSION-FOCUSED. We've removed hype-related stuff that do no contribute to sales and incorporated highly persuasive elements and copy into this launch. We'll be split-testing all throughout to give al our affialites maximum revenue. 

Launch Dates to mark in your calendar:

September 25 - email campaigns start.

October 1 - email campaigns close

October 2 - webinar happens (11am GMT and 11am PDT)

October 3 to 4 - webinar replay

October 5 - sales sequence starts

October 9 - sales sequence ends



Webinar Invite Page:

Webinar Invite Page with Video:

Remember to replace the affiliate ID on the URL! 

Don't forget to replace the part "YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID_HERE" with your personal Affiliate ID! Your personal Affiliate ID can be found in your Affiliate Backend (click here).

There are multiple call to actions in each email so be sure to insert the link in all of them.

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Email One: Thursday, September 25th 2014


Is this mistake costing you thousands of dollar, FIRSTNAME?

Are you in the right niche?

Revelead: THIS mistake can kill your business 


Targeting profitable keywords is key to a successful online business. I’m sure this is one of your top priorities, {{$first_name}}.

If not, then you might be losing a lot of money being in the wrong niche.

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The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of hours generating content for a niche that is not profitable or a niche that is very difficult to compete in.

Researching the right keywords and analyzing the competition is so crucial to a successful traffic strategy, but it can also take countless hours to complete.

These are precious hours that you can spend focusing on really big powerful ideas to accelerate your business.

So doing it right is very important. If you haven’t done it yet or if you’re unsure if you done it properly, check out the link below:

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Email Two: Friday, September 26th 2014


Can you win this fight?

Are you setting yourself against BIG competition?

Which one will you choose to compete with?


If you were in a car race, which of these would you want to compete with?

A) One Aston Martin One-77 (220 mph) or
B) Two dozen 2014 Toyota Corollas (117 mph)

If the answer isn’t obvious, click this link>>>

When it comes to targeting niches online, many people are obsessed with the number of competition instead of the quality and strength of that competition.

Doing proper research on how easy or hard it is to enter a niche by the strength of the competition is crucial to a successful traffic strategy.

Here’s how>>>

This training is absolutely 100% free.


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Email Three: Tuesday, September 30th 2014


INVITE: Discover the most important thing about traffic

Get high quality visitors to your website, here's how...

FIRST_NAME, read this to grow your business


Hi {{$first_name}},

I want you to meet Sam, he's built a software company called SwissMadeMarketing.

He's having a free training on October 2 (11am GMT and 11am PDT), and here's why you shouldn't miss this amazing opportunity:

Sam has built a million-dollar software company in just 2 years focusing on traffic and conversions. He has over 18,995 entrepreneurs, online marketers, freelancers, and agents just in the English language alone.

If you want to grow your business, you would want to hear what he has to say.

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The special training is called “How to Create an Effective Traffic Strategy with Profitable Keywords.” This is one of the most important areas that any online marketer should focus on.

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Here's what you'' learn during the training:
1. Are you in the right niche: what you need to KNOW before you build your website
2. How to FIND profitable keywords: are people searching for your product?
3. How to ANALYZE your competition: which ones can you beat faster?
4. How to ACCELERATE your keyword process by 100x (with actual case studies)

This session happens live on October 2 (11am PDT and 11am GMT).

Just go on the sign-up page and choose what time works best for you. And like I said, this is absolutely free.

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You can share your keywords on the confirmation page and Sam will pick a random comment to use as an example. Sign up below and tell him the keywords you are targeting:

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Email Four: Wednesday, October 1st 2014


URGENT: You don't want to miss this

Last call: FREE traffic training from SwissMadeMarketing

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If you run an online business or if you work with ecommerce, then read this message carefully.

There is a free training happening tomorrow discussing these 4 important areas of getting more and better traffic to your website:

“How to Create an Effective Traffic Strategy with Profitable Keywords.”
1. Are you in the right niche: what you need to KNOW before you build your website
2. How to FIND profitable keywords: are people searching for your product?
3. How to ANALYZE your competition: which ones can you beat faster?
4. How to ACCELERATE your keyword process by 100x (with actual case studies)

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This session happens tomorrow (11am PDT and 11am GMT)!

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