How to Create an Effective Traffic Strategy with Profitable Keywords from Google

 Focus on winning keywords. Get faster and better returns from your investment. And accelerate your business growth 10x…


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  • Are you in the right niche:
    What you need to KNOW before you build your website

  • How to FIND profitable keywords:
    Are people searching for your product?

  • How to ANALYZE your competition:
    Who can you beat faster?

  • How to ACCELERATE your keyword process by 100x
    (Learn how real companies did this and how you can apply this process to your business)

  • Does your Google Keyword Planner Account only show restricted keyword information?
    We're going to UNVEIL an alternative solution

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    Sam Hänni founded SwissMadeMarketing in 2010. After being a software developer in the corporate world for almost 10 years, he saw a great need in the online marketing world for tools and automation.

    Having a technical background, Sam is the main creator of all the online tools and software in SwissMadeMarketing. He started with a niche site generating traffic through SEO. This is when he realized how tedious the process is and how many fatal errors there are that can rapidly kill an online business.

    That's why he decided to start the development of his own software, with the goal to help Internet Marketers overcome the obstacles he experienced.

    Today, SwissMadeMarketing is a million dollar business with clients in 4 languages with a complete toolset and training, providing Entrepreneurs, SEO Agencies and Internet Marketers with everything they need to build a profitable online business.



    Sam Hänni

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