Organize Keywords

Filter Out the Most Valuable Keywords within Seconds

Ever feel like truly good keywords are like needles in a haystack? With SECockpit, you’ll definitely find those needles, and you will do so within seconds. 

We provide the power of Excel filtering directly within our keyword tool. Filter and sort every single data column:

  • Looking for the perfect AdSense keyword? 

    Out of thousands of variations, the keywords with the highest level of traffic, the lowest competition and the highest potential earnings are just a few clicks away!

  • Trying to find the ideal “purchase-keywords” for your niche? 

    Use AdWords competitor data and apply a simple filter in order to make the best choice!

  • Looking for some untapped opportunities? 

    Eliminate low-traffic keywords and let SECockpit only show you the keywords in your niche that you can most easily dominate and get a good amount of traffic and high Google rankings from!



Easily Organise 1000s of Keyword Ideas

Your keyword research has produced thousands of search results which you now want to neatly organize?

This is where most other tools fail: There is a lack of simple, but powerful possibilities and functions that help you structure the huge amount of data delivered and allow you to quickly organize the best keywords in the search results.

SECockpit offers several possibilities:

  • Create folders in which you can clearly group your keywords - this can easily be done with our great Drag & Drop system. The number of folders is unlimited.


  • With coloured labels you can mark single keywords and - if you want - hide all other keywords. Of course, you can make them visible again at any time, change the color of the labels or remove them.


Export Keywords / Create Keyword Reports


If you'd prefer to process all your data with another tool, such as Excel, you have the possibility to download and export the entire analysis and all the data you're interested in with just one click.


Do you do keyword research for customers and would like to be able to show them clear keyword reports?
With just one click, you can create entire keyword lists directly from SECockpit as PDF and print them with your own company logo.


Test SECockpit completely free of charge for 7 days!