About the Tool

Responsive Design


You suddenly have a great keyword idea while on the run? Use SECockpit on your phone or tablet and quickly find out if it's a valulable niche! Thanks to the optimized responsive design, you can use SECockpit on any device.

No Installation and No Other Accounts Needed

As SECockpit is an online application, there is no installation required. It is compatible with any operating system. You can use it with Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Recommended browsers are Chrome, FireFox, Edge and Safari.


You don't need an AdWords, Moz or any other type of account to use SECockpit. After loging in, you can instantly start your research.




Google Ads Keyword-Planner Alternative

The free keyword tool from Google Ads only provides data when you spend money on advertising - and even then the data is very limited. Also, the tool is difficult to work with when researching thousands of ideas.

SECockpit offers both: complete, comprehensive data as well as a simple user interface, making it possible to work with thousands of keyword ideas.