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  • International: For all countries and languages

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Special RankTracker Features


We all know that top search engine rankings don't happen on accident. If you want to get the right kind of targeted organic traffic to your website, you need an SEO strategy. And any SEO strategy will cost you either time or money - or typically both. Reliable rank tracking data is a crucial component of your SEO campaign. Without it, you are flying blind and you'll never really know what kind of measurable results your SEO investment is producing. What's even worse, is if you try to manually check your rankings. Spending hours clicking through Google results pages is not a good use of anyone's time.


Rankings by City: Perfect for Local Businesses!

One of our newest features: rankings by city! Depending on what kind of business you own, knowing how you rank in specific cities is absolutely crucial! If, for example, you own a small local business, such as a hairdresser salon, it is important for you to know whether or not the people looking for a hairdresser in YOUR city can actually find you on Google. Your overall rankings in your country not being great, might not matter if the people who actually have access to your business can find you.


International: For All Countries and Languages.

The SwissMadeMarketing RankTracker works for any country and region supported by Google. We can retrieve neutral non-personalized search results from Google.com, Google.co.uk, Google.com.au, Google.de, Google.fr and every other regional version of Google. No matter what country you operate in, no matter what language your keywords are in, RankTracker will automatically find your web pages' rankings and track them automatically, daily and without requiring any further input from you.


No Domain Limit: Different Domains? No Problem!

Many rank tracking services limit the number of domains you can track for each plan they offer. This is unfair to people with a mini-site business model. Our SwissMadeMarketing Rank Tracker has no such domain limits. If you are on the 500 keywords plan, it doesn't matter whether or not you track one keyword on 500 different websites, 500 keywords on one website or anything in between. It doesn't matter if you run an ecommerce store, a network of blogs, a single large authority site or hundreds of mini sites, our service will work for you!


Exact Results: Check up to 100th Position in Search Results.

We all know that whether you're ranking on the first or on the second of Google for a keyword makes a huge difference. BUT knowing whether you're on the second page of the search results or on the tenth, can help you decide whether or not it's worth investing in that specific keyword, or if the chances of ever ranking for it are rather slimm. Getting from position twelve to ten is a lot easier than making the jump from position ninety-three to position ten. This is why we check the first ten search result pages on Google. This way you can find out exactly how good or bad you're ranking for a specific keyword.


Daily and Automatically: Whether You Log in Or Not.

With the SwissMadeMarketing RankTracker, you get simple, daily rank tracking for all your target keywords, across all of your websites. Setting it up takes mere minutes and from then on, our system will retrieve your ranking data for any keyword, in any language and for any country automatically and every single day.


Cloud Based: No Installation Necessary!

The RankTracker is installed on cloud-based servers - all you have to do is login and check your rankings! You don't need to install anything - just sign up, sign IN, and you're all set.


EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Get RankTracker for Free

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  • International: For all countries and languages

  • No domain limit: Different domains? No problem!

  • Exact results: Check up to 100th position in search results

  • Daily and automatically: Whether you log in or not

  • Cloud based: No installation necessary!

  • Rankings by city: Perfect for local businesses! (SECockpit Agency)